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I wonder...

I was playing around with the AOL buddy icons the other day, and I noticed that there are two Ryan icons! One of them just has his face, and it flashes his name every so often. The other one is the same picture... but it flashes the words "Ryan Adams Sucks". What? Because it's an official AOL icon, I'm just gonna' assume that it's a joke! At least, I hope it's a joke! It better be a joke!

Also, I drove through Ryan's home town on a trip out to coast last week. And there's nothing there! "Jacksonville Skyline" makes total sense! But I do wonder, when he talks about the soldiers in that song, does he mean the ones from Ft. Bragg? 'Cause I live right near there!

That's all I had to say. Bye!

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It's not something against Ryan Adams. I don't know. I don't really get it. But there are shirts that say Ryan Adams Sucks on the Ryan Adams merchandise page.
Yeah, I figured that much! I can't imagine that a "family company" like AOL would do something like that if it wasn't a joke!
well AOL isn't that "family" oriented. haha they are just "whatever makes us money" oriented. but i <3 the ryan adam sucks shirts :)
i think he's just being self-deprecatingly silly.
it's only to say that he doesn't take himself so seriously.
Well, I basically live by the idea that you can't get through life without a good sense of humor! So that's fine with me.
He was being self-deprecating but I think it might be a take on a Black Sabbath album cover too.I can't remember the album,but his 'Ryan Adams Sucks' logo looks just like it.