gottajaboo (gottajaboo) wrote in finerthangold,

Ryan's 7" single Now that you're gone

I just got this 7" record from the Ryan Adams website...Brilliant!!!
Side 1: Now that you're gone
Side 2: If I'm a Stranger

Simply put, this is some of the best Ryan material I've heard in a while. If you don't have this, order it now!!! Where will Ryan go with his new stuff?
He's so erratic. Heartbreaker changed my life, Gold was a bit of a letdown, Demolition was good but not very cohesive, Love is Hell is ammmmmmmazzzzzing (pt. 1 whups up on part 2), and Rock and Roll is Ryan selling himself way short.

I think my least favorite Ryan song is Hotel Chelsea Nights, but I've heard other people say they love it. It's just so damn cheesy. Any thoughts???
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