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Ryan's 7" single Now that you're gone

I just got this 7" record from the Ryan Adams website...Brilliant!!!
Side 1: Now that you're gone
Side 2: If I'm a Stranger

Simply put, this is some of the best Ryan material I've heard in a while. If you don't have this, order it now!!! Where will Ryan go with his new stuff?
He's so erratic. Heartbreaker changed my life, Gold was a bit of a letdown, Demolition was good but not very cohesive, Love is Hell is ammmmmmmazzzzzing (pt. 1 whups up on part 2), and Rock and Roll is Ryan selling himself way short.

I think my least favorite Ryan song is Hotel Chelsea Nights, but I've heard other people say they love it. It's just so damn cheesy. Any thoughts???
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I love Hotel Chelsea Nights.It reminds me of Purple Rain but grittier.
Gold changed my life..thats how i discovered ryan...even though I've only been a fan of him for 7 months...I was able to see him live in MN.
Hey, I've loved Ryan for ages man. He's just amazing. Love is Hell sounds soooooo good on vinyl! Please add me to your Friends List