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well this guy summed it up better than i could. he did make my night by breaking into the dead's wharf rat. i also thought that he kept forgetting the words to 'when the stars go blue'. and if its true what he said about being on mushrooms last time at the electric factory, i don't doubt it for a second. he was way more of a maniac than he was last night and he was f-ing nuts last night.

12/06/03 Ryan Adams
Electric Factory
Philadelphia, PA

She's Lost Total Control
Wish You Were Here
Note To Self: Don't Die
Love Is Hell
Do Miss America
Don't Even Know Her Name
Anybody Wanna Take Me Home?
To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High)
Jacksonville Skyline
Please Don't Let Me Go
Firecracker (speed metal version)
New York, New York
Wharf Rat
1st Encore
When The Stars Go Blue
Not Gonna Make It Out Of This One This Time
This Is It
La Cienega Just Smiled
Burning Photographs
2nd Encore
This Is It
Happy Birthday to Chief
Brown Sugar
Avalanche (aborted)
The Stills opened.
Notes: Adam was in very good spirits. He mentioned that he was on mushrooms the last time he played the Electric Factory (3/22/02) and I believe him!! Ryan jumped into the crowd during the slower Firecracker version and let someone in the crowd play the tambourine. Some fans, recently married, (Chris and Gregg) wrote a note to Ryan (he read it) requesting that he play When the Stars go Blue, so he did it for them, but forgot some of the words. At the end of Brown Sugar, Ryan made a flying leap into the drum kit, then proceeded to have a drum throwing fight with the drummer. Hilarious. Avalanche was aborted as Ryan's voice was shot and he gave up. Absolutely tremendous show.

Submitted by Neil Looby
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