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Quick hello [02 Feb 2005|07:10pm]

[ mood | high ]

Hi, hi.

Rather large Ryan fan here. Am excited to hear about the three new albums being released this year. I'm hoping he tours N. America before the end of March, if not, I hope he comes back to Australia!

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[26 Jan 2005|03:21pm]

hey! my name's amanda...im 15...I LOVE RYAN ADAMS! firecraker has to be my favorite song right now...i only have the gold album but im working on that...but he's sooo hott! i mainly started liking him bcuz i thought he looked like billie joe [last name armstrong...from green day...my favorite band] not that ne of u rele care...lol yeah i kinda talk a lot...neways cya

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Ryan's 7" single Now that you're gone [01 Dec 2004|01:45am]
I just got this 7" record from the Ryan Adams website...Brilliant!!!
Side 1: Now that you're gone
Side 2: If I'm a Stranger

Simply put, this is some of the best Ryan material I've heard in a while. If you don't have this, order it now!!! Where will Ryan go with his new stuff?
He's so erratic. Heartbreaker changed my life, Gold was a bit of a letdown, Demolition was good but not very cohesive, Love is Hell is ammmmmmmazzzzzing (pt. 1 whups up on part 2), and Rock and Roll is Ryan selling himself way short.

I think my least favorite Ryan song is Hotel Chelsea Nights, but I've heard other people say they love it. It's just so damn cheesy. Any thoughts???

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Hey there! [24 Aug 2004|08:23pm]

[ mood | jubilant ]

Hi! Im Pauline im 16 from Glasgow, Scotland and am extremely joyous to hav come across a community dedicated to Ryan. I'm pretty new to the whole "livejournal" thing so it took me a while to figure out that these kind of places existed. I have to say that i have been a fan of Ryan for many years now and I went to see him last November when he came to Glasgow and was completely blown away! My fave song is probably either "When The Stars Go Blue " or "Oh My Sweet Carolina" they're just beautiful! So feel free to add me to your friends list coz id love to talk to ppl who share the same love as i do for this wonderful man!

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[16 Aug 2004|09:35pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Im a new ryan fan. I heard "New York,New York" back when "Gold" was released but I just got the cd..I love it.Each day I have a new favorite song but other then "ny,ny" my favorite would be "answering bell" that one always gets me no matter what!! Any place I can find cool ryan icons?? and does anyone know who "new york,new york" is about?? I heard once that ryan moved to nyc to be with the girl that song is about..he seems like a sweetie..has anyone seen him live or met him in person??

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[06 Jul 2004|10:37am]

Hey everybody! I found this community, strangely enough searching 'john mayer', but I am a huge Ryan Adams fan also. I first started listening to him this past Christmas when my cousin gave me "Heartbreaker" and then I just fell in love with Ryan. He is so great, and his lyrics are awesome.So I started buying all of his other CD's and they are awesome. Some of my favorite songs are "Oh my Sweet Carolina", "Goodnight Hollywood Blvd.", "La Cienga Just Smiled" and "Dear Chicago". I'm so glad I found a great Ryan Adam's community. Talk to you all later!
- Jessica

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[19 May 2004|10:49am]

does anyone have 'please do not let me go' or 'call me on your way back home' as an mp3 that you could send me. i have the albums but am an idiot when it comes to getting them on the computer.

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[17 Apr 2004|03:29am]

[ mood | content ]

I'm Alisha and I'm new here, and I just love Ryan Adams, ~Dreams of a working class clown~ awesome song!

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[29 Dec 2003|06:29pm]
I'm new. I'm Kate. And I too, love Ryan Adams.
This is gonna be crossposted probably.

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in case you are interested.... the man...the myth [07 Dec 2003|03:20pm]

well this guy summed it up better than i could. he did make my night by breaking into the dead's wharf rat. i also thought that he kept forgetting the words to 'when the stars go blue'. and if its true what he said about being on mushrooms last time at the electric factory, i don't doubt it for a second. he was way more of a maniac than he was last night and he was f-ing nuts last night.

12/06/03 Ryan Adams
Electric Factory
Philadelphia, PA

She's Lost Total Control
Wish You Were Here
Note To Self: Don't Die
Love Is Hell
Do Miss America
Don't Even Know Her Name
Anybody Wanna Take Me Home?
To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High)
Jacksonville Skyline
Please Don't Let Me Go
Firecracker (speed metal version)
New York, New York
Wharf Rat
1st Encore
When The Stars Go Blue
Not Gonna Make It Out Of This One This Time
This Is It
La Cienega Just Smiled
Burning Photographs
2nd Encore
This Is It
Happy Birthday to Chief
Brown Sugar
Avalanche (aborted)
The Stills opened.
Notes: Adam was in very good spirits. He mentioned that he was on mushrooms the last time he played the Electric Factory (3/22/02) and I believe him!! Ryan jumped into the crowd during the slower Firecracker version and let someone in the crowd play the tambourine. Some fans, recently married, (Chris and Gregg) wrote a note to Ryan (he read it) requesting that he play When the Stars go Blue, so he did it for them, but forgot some of the words. At the end of Brown Sugar, Ryan made a flying leap into the drum kit, then proceeded to have a drum throwing fight with the drummer. Hilarious. Avalanche was aborted as Ryan's voice was shot and he gave up. Absolutely tremendous show.

Submitted by Neil Looby

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Hurrah! [07 Nov 2003|01:15am]

[ mood | jubilant ]

I just found this place, and *sigh* I'm glad.

I'm Connie - 18, from Belfast, N.Ireland. People generally know not to ask me about Ryan Adams anymore. I go a little crazy when I get started talking about him, or music that I love in general.

I think I'm a little obsessed. Hurrah for places like this!

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[06 Nov 2003|12:24am]

[ mood | content ]

hey guys, i just joined. have been listening to rock n roll online but tomorrow i finally have the money to stalk it down and buy it.
i love older ryan adams, but i like the new direction as well.
i have been on this kick for the last couple weeks where all i want to listen to is whiskeytown and ryan adams. its great. i am forcing everyone to like him who rides in my car.

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Whiskeytown Reunion! [09 Jun 2003|10:39pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Apparently, Whiskeytown is getting back together! I only have one of their albums, Pneumonia, but that still makes me happy! I'll buy the others eventually, of course. It should be interesting to see how Ryan works with a band after having been solo for so long. As far as I'm concerned, anything with Ryan involved will be good!

There's more info at RollingStone.com if you're interested! And you should be!

Bye now!


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[09 Jun 2003|12:55pm]

does anybody in here know anything about ryan adams playing in battery park on the 4th of july?

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I wonder... [19 Apr 2003|08:16pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I was playing around with the AOL buddy icons the other day, and I noticed that there are two Ryan icons! One of them just has his face, and it flashes his name every so often. The other one is the same picture... but it flashes the words "Ryan Adams Sucks". What? Because it's an official AOL icon, I'm just gonna' assume that it's a joke! At least, I hope it's a joke! It better be a joke!

Also, I drove through Ryan's home town on a trip out to coast last week. And there's nothing there! "Jacksonville Skyline" makes total sense! But I do wonder, when he talks about the soldiers in that song, does he mean the ones from Ft. Bragg? 'Cause I live right near there!

That's all I had to say. Bye!


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Americana Live [23 Mar 2003|08:29pm]

Hello everyone,
Just wanted to let you all know about Americana Live, a new website coming this spring dedicated to Americana/Alt-Country/American Roots music. We're seeking album and show reviews, interviews, new bands & artists, random thoughts and things of that nature.
And So It Begins...

*sorry for the cross-posting :)*

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the finger. [17 Mar 2003|03:39pm]

[ mood | curious ]

has anybody heard "we are f**k you" by 'the finger', i.e. ryan and jesse malin?

i heard that it was very fun but completely outside of either ryan or jesse's usual mode--like early '80s black flag.

anyway. just wondering.

also: this might've already been mentioned ((i dunno... i'm new)) but have any of you heard ryan's short cover of the chili peppers' "around the world/under the bridge"? if not, download it as soon as humanly possible because it's motherfucking hilarious.

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[05 Mar 2003|03:22am]

[ mood | relaxed ]

Hey everyone! My name is Coni, 21 years old and I'm from Vienna, Austria. I just joined this community and I'm glad that I found some guys on the huge LJ world who love Ryan as much as I do. At the moment I listen to "La cienga just smiled" which is a song I immediately fell in love with the first time I heard it. Well, actually "New York, New York" introduced me to Ryan and his music. Anyway, I just wanted to say "Hi" from Vienna to everyone around here.

Love, Conny

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[21 Jan 2003|11:03pm]

I just wanted to introduce you to a great up and coming band from Tempe/Phoenix, Arizona. They go by the name of The Format. I think you would enjoy them if you took a few minutes and listened to clips of their songs on their website.

They are described as "smart pop music based on a cocktail of disparate flavors. first, put some beatles in. add some cat stevens/james taylor singer songwriter stylings. throw in a musical backdrop proud of it�s eighties twinge: big fat drum machines, acoustic guitars, synths, maybe a handclap" and you got yourself The Format.

for more information check out

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[15 Dec 2002|03:03pm]

I found this humorous: Mr. Adams won the "Number 1 Fashion Faux Pas of 2002" honor for his Grammy ensemble. This, according to the ever-so-pleasant Joan and Melissa Rivers. I'd actually be proud if I were him, so congratulations Ryan.

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